Bespoke curtains & blinds tailor made for you...


My aim is to help you get the right curtains for you and your home and to make the process inspiring. Even curtains can be exciting in my opinion! With so many beautiful fabrics and styles to choose from, I’ll guide you through all the options and give you the stylish curtains you want for your home.


  • All curtain bottom and side hems are hand sewn
  • All curtains are lined
  • All linings are interlocked to the main fabric
  • All curtains are weighted
  • All curtains are finished with true mitred corners to hang flatter
  • All rufflette curtains have a cord tidy bag
  • Interlining – additional option
  • contrast leading edge – additional option
  • Matching crescent tie backs – additional option
  • Padded pelmets and fabric covered lathes – additional option